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Which platforms do you currently use for social media?
Social Media Overview
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How often do you post on these platforms? (weekly)
Social Media Overview
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What are your social media goals? (optional)
Goals and Objectives
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Who are your main competitors?
Competitor Analysis
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What social media strategies do you admire in your competitors?
Competitor Analysis
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Where do you see opportunities to outperform your competitors on social media?
Competitor Analysis
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Who are your primary target audience segments?
Target Audience
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What are their preferences, interests, and pain points?
Target Audience
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What types of content do you prefer for social media (e.g., images, videos)?
Content Preferences
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What tone and voice do you want to convey through your content?
Content Preferences
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Are there any specific topics related to your business that you think we should include in our content creation efforts?
Content Preferences
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What are your brand colors, fonts, and imagery? What messaging and values do you want to emphasize in your content?
Brand Guidelines
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How do you currently create and approve content for social media?
Content Creation Process
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How do you plan and schedule your social media content? Do you use any tools or software for managing your content calendar?
Social Media Overview
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How often do you respond to comments and messages on social media?
Community Management
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Have you used paid advertising on social media before?
Paid Advertising Strategy
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