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Social Media Marketing  For

Social Media Marketing  For Tech Startups That Strive To Make A Social Impact

Tech Startups That Strive

To Make A Social Impact

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🚀 Welcome to Your Brand's Social Sphere: Where Impact Meets Innovation! 🌍

🚀 Welcome to Your Brand's Social Sphere: Where Impact Meets Innovation! 🌍

Hey change maker,

Ready to spark some magic in the digital realm? Step into the world of Tecaudex, where we're all about turning your vision into viral brilliance.

Social Media Pros: Elevating engagement levels with strategic brilliance.

Captivating Content: Crafting compelling stories, mesmerizing images, and scroll-stopping videos.

Attention Artists: Masters of halting thumbs with click-worthy headlines and captivating visuals.

Our Proven Process for Social Media Success

Discover how we drive engagement and growth through strategic client onboarding, audience analysis, compelling content creation, and data-driven optimization.
Client Onboarding
Establishing collaboration begins with understanding client goals, collecting brand assets, and finalizing service agreements to set clear expectations.
Research & Competitor Analysis
Stay ahead by researching industry trends, analyzing competitors' strategies, and employing data-driven research methods for comprehensive insights.
Target Audience Segmentation and Analysis
Identify demographics, behaviors, and interests to tailor content that resonates with each audience segment, maximizing engagement and conversion.
Content Development
Craft a content calendar, brainstorm creative ideas, and create visually appealing graphics and videos to captivate audiences consistently.
Copywriting & Storyboarding
Craft compelling copy, plan multimedia narratives, and maintain brand consistency across all content channels for effective storytelling.
Visual Content Formulation
Create visually captivating visuals aligned with brand identity, seamlessly integrating messaging to enhance recognition and engagement.
Content Testing and Optimization
Develop engaging Reels content, implement effective hashtags, and encourage audience interaction through polls and quizzes.
Ad Campaigns Framework
Create compelling ad visuals, conduct A/B testing, and optimize ad performance based on data-driven insights for maximum ROI.
Social Media Strategy Optimization & Ad Campaigns
Continuously monitor performance metrics, extract actionable insights, and refine strategies to align with client objectives effectively.

Fueling digital dreams with strategic sparks of creativity!

Your journey partner for exceptional content creation and social media engagement that truly converts!


We kick-off with strategy. Tactics without a strategy are worthless. We delve deep into understanding your business, brand and marketing efforts. Uncovering what we should focus on to get you closer to your goals.

Avg. time: 1 week

Define a strategy to reach your business' goal

Clarify messaging, branding and marketing strategy to build a website the ties in perfectly with your business

Develop a content strategy

Define desired look and feel

Information Architecture & Wireframing

Based on the focus we define during our strategy phase, we work on the UX. Building the sitemap and wireframes based on the goal of our users and us.

Avg. time: 2 weeks

Site map

User flow


UI Design

We establish your desired design style to create the visual design of the full website.

Avg. time: 2 weeks

Website UI Design

Basic Prototype

Webflow Development

We develop using Webflow. We take the visual design and turn it into a functional website. Fully resposnsive with awesome animations and easy to edit.

Avg. time: 3-4 Weeks

Avg. project time: 8-10 weeks

Webflow Development

QA Testing; Making sure that the site looks great on all devices

Basic SEO & Google Analytics setup

Training for your team on how to edit the website

Helping those who

use tech to make the

world a better place

Helping those who use tech to make the world a better place

We build websites for tech startups with a desire to create a social impact.

"We've improved our brand's look and conversations with VC's are much better."

You'd be doing yourself a disservice not working with them.

Demetrius Curry, CEO & Founder of College Cash
Demetrius Curry
CEO & Founder -  College cash

Give your startup the Social

Media it needs to grow

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Social Media Marketing for tech startups
that stive to make a social impact

Social Media Marketing For

Tech Startups That Strive

To Make A Social Impact

Toll Free Number
(866) 945-7063