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Shift AI App

Welcome to "Shift," your personal companion for holistic well-being. Engage in uplifting conversations with our AI chat interface, track your mood effortlessly, and explore curated journeys for mental wellness. Shift gears towards a brighter, balanced life with this empowering app.

AI Chat App Development

Innovative Interaction: Designing Next-Gen AI-Powered Chat Experiences

Shift seamlessly integrates into your life as the ultimate well-being companion. Immerse yourself in soul-nurturing conversations, effortlessly logging your mood with precision. Navigate curated journeys meticulously crafted for mental wellness, propelling you toward a luminous and harmonious existence. This empowering and transformative app, Shift, is your partner in the journey to a brighter, balanced life.

Tecaudex Provided Frontend and Backend. Frontend is in next js with material ui provided services for user facing marketplace build different new features and solved existing bugs in the product.

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Grintafy App

Global art app with diverse courses and e-commerce for artists worldwide. Channel your creativity, learn Arabic calligraphy, and access products seamlessly. A platform fostering individuality and comprehensive support for artists, making artistic expression and learning accessible worldwide.
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